EHX “Soul Food” Distortion/Fuzz/Overdrive

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EHX “Soul Food” Distortion/Fuzz/Overdrive

Somewhat Leary of “All in one” products? I’d admit to the same trepidation but equally I place a great deal of faith in EHX so upon viewing this little video (added an hour ago!) I knew it would be worthy of further examination.  Designed to produce a lot of headroom (boosted power rails) as well as an organic, uncompressed drive this is, once again, not a modern “High gain” metal pedal but a rather more open and interactive pedal for a more traditional type of tone.

With the option of true bypass or buffered bypass and a selection of gain from a mild boost to quite juicy fuzz this is of course going to face a lot of stiff competition in the current market but in it’s favour are two pertinent facts; It’s by EHX and it will hardly break the bank………it also sounds brilliant and is controlled by a bevy of simple controls in the traditional “Tone, Level and Gain” design.

Uncluttered but uncompromising.


Further Information

Tone aficionados kept telling EHX’s Mike Matthews about a pedal that had achieved a lot of buzz because it was only obtainable at an exorbitant price. That pedal was the KLON CENTAUR. A believer in bringing great tools to starving musicians, Mike tasked his trusty team to create an affordable alternative, and that is how the SOUL FOOD was cooked up.

The SOUL FOOD delivers transparent overdrive with great touch and response. Its circuitry features boosted power rails to provide abundant headroom and increased definition. Best of all, you don’t have to be a rock star to own one!

DRIVE Knob – Controls the amount of input gain. As you turn DRIVE clockwise, the overdrive ranges from clean boost, in the fully counter-clockwise position, to classic distortion, in the fully clockwise setting. There are many great sounds found within the full range of the DRIVE knob, we recommend experimenting with different positions in both halves of the DRIVE knob to find just the right amount of grit for your needs. In addition, turning DRIVE clockwise will bring out more mids in your tone.

TREBLE Knob – Acts as a tone control. When set to 12 o’clock (50%), the tone is neutral. As you turn TREBLE clockwise from the 12 o’clock setting, the treble gain increases making your overall sound brighter. As you turn TREBLE counter-clockwise from the 12 o’clock setting, the high end is reduced giving you a bassier sound.

VOL Knob – Sets the output level of the Soul Food. As VOL is turned clockwise, the output volume increases.

FOOTSWITCH and LED – The Footswitch selects whether the Soul Food is engaged or in bypass mode. When the effect is engaged, the LED is lit. An internal Bypass Mode switch is included to select between True Bypass and Buffered Bypass. See below for more information on the internal switch.

INPUT Jack – This ¼” jack is the audio input for the Soul Food. The input impedance is 1MOhm.

AMP Jack – This ¼” jack is the audio output from the Soul Food. The output impedance ranges from 650Ohm to 3.3kOhm.

Internal Bypass Mode Switch – If you remove the Soul Food’s bottom cover, you will see the bat of a small switch sticking out of the board that holds the footswitch, it is located in the bottom right area of the pedal, below the AMP jack. The right side of the footswitch board has the following text:




When the switch is set to True, its upper position, bypass will be True Bypass. When the switch is set to Buffer, its lower position, bypass will be Buffered Bypass. The switch is normally set to “True” in the factory.

In True Bypass mode, when the Soul Food is set to bypass, the INPUT jack is connected directly to the AMP jack and nothing else. In Buffered Bypass mode, the bypass signal passes through a high quality buffer circuit before it is output from the AMP jack. The buffer circuit requires power to hear your instrument in bypass mode.

9V Power Jack – Although the Soul Food accepts 9V Batteries, EHX supplies your Soul Food with an Electro-Harmonix 9.6DC-200BI power supply. Plug the output of the supplied AC adapter into the 9V power jack located at the top of the Soul Food. The Soul Food draws 22mA at 9VDC with a center negative plug. The Soul Food accepts Boss® and Ibanez® style AC Adapters.

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  1. Alex Van Gorder December 28, 2013 at 3:20 am -

    I bought one at sam ash a few days before christmas. It is a great sounding pedal. I have a Stratocaster and it brings my amp to life!

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