Dunlop Crybaby DIY Mod Kits In The Store!

Adji February 7, 2012 0

Finally! After months of planning I’m pleased to say that the Crybaby Mod Kits are finally available for purchase!

”A great DIY mod kit for experimenting with! Change the sound and ‘shape’ of your wah. Plus smooth out the sweep from heel to toe with the added ‘mid range mod’ as well as true bypassing!

I’ve performed this mod on several GCB-95s and customers have always been happy. Now you can experiment and get the tonality and sweep of the wah exactly how you want it with the included ten resistors for tweaking values. Plus you also get a quality 2PDT footswitch so you can perform the true bypass mod on you GCB-95 and get rid of that tone sucking buffer circuit once and for all!”

I’ve only made a few up to test the waters as it were, if there is demand then I can make a lot more. Check them out in the store and discuss your progress in the forums :)

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