Dr.J Pedals Arsenal Distortion

ShadyDave October 23, 2013 0
Dr.J Pedals Arsenal Distortion

Named after the first initial of their favourite guitarist (Jimi Hendrix in case you were wondering) Dr,J pedals are the result of a collaboration between Dee Leung and Terry Li……and Arsenal being their offering in the realms of Distortion – not a mild overdrive or boost but a full-fledged cannonade of British Crunch tones to full on sizzling high gain and all stations in-between. With the aid of JOYO in the startup phase of their business it seems that we’re going to be treated to some very affordable boutique pedals that don’t skimp on the tone!

With the aid of a two mode mid-swtich, presence knob and a nice range of tonal possibilities the we can definitely assert that this pedal is aimed at those with a penchant for metal but also cranks out perfectly respectable classic rock tones and silky leads too – very impressive indeed!

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ARSENAL DISTORSION creates thousands of weapons of mass distortion! Distortion Arsenal lives up to its name by equipping you with all kinds of distortion arms from classic British crunch to modern high-gain tones.

?Broad tone adjustments take your sound where you want it and a Presence knob takes a sharp distortion and gives it some extra room. Two-mode mid-freq switch gives you even more tone-shaping possibilities.

?True Bypass design minimizes tone loss.

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